Here at Werlemann Wealth Management, I bring experience, savvy, analytics, and knowledge together to provide you the financial guidance you need so you can focus on your goals. Your financial needs and goals are uniquely your own and coupled with my expertise, you’ll benefit from a flexible, customizable planning approach and the support of a fiduciary who is dedicated to helping you thrive and succeed.


We believe in empowering our clients with financial knowledge and confidence to help them pursue their life goals. Using customized, goal-oriented investment strategies, we will create a strategy that reflects your goals and works for you.

Disruptive Technologies

Mainstream Investment Groups are precluded from taking advantage of one of the most lucrative spaces for portfolio growth: disruptive innovation. As someone who has researched and successfully invested in previous disruptors including the tech boom, here at Werlemann Wealth we have an uncanny ability to find those disruptive technologies that essentially change the way we work and live.

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, autonomous technology, medical technology, DNA sequencing, robotics, energy technology, and energy storage are just a few of the spaces where disruptive technologies have the potential to change the way the world operates. To be involved in this space is exciting and can be profitable but requires the due diligence, research, and knowledge to identify those that will break through and become household brands that seamlessly enhance our everyday lives.